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THEOFILOS SEINTIS Interesting things about him
Theofilos Seintis is an artist specialising in oil and acrylic painting. He has been painting for over fifteen years and has been gradually developing his unique style. His paintings could be called philosophical as they reflect his perception of modern day society and his outlook at the universe. Some of his works could be called satirical as they portray a modern "theatre of the insaine" and some of them are truly mystical as they show us strange characters as if from a nightmare. In his paintings we can often see what media and propaganda do to a human soul. The world of his paintings includes Greek gods, mermaids and scary clowns as well as Jesus Christ and Maria Magdalena. Theofilos Seintis often works with marbles and mosaics at the monasteries in Greece and Holy Land. Name Theofilos translates from Greek as a "friend of God" and the artist says that his portrayal of the darkness is his way of fighting it.
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